History of Granite Station

The name of our saddle shop, Granite Station Saddlery, comes from an historic location (Granite Station), a bit northeast of Bakersfield, California, an image of which, taken by Gregory Iger of Iger Studio in 1974, is seen both as a color image below, as well as in our logo.

This area is particularly important to me and my family, since my wife, Sarah, is the 5th generation of a family who has ranched in this area. My children, Nicole and Jared, are the 6th generation to carry on this heritage on the same ranch, so rich in California’s and the Southern San Joaquin Valley’s cattle ranching industry and history.

I mention this because I am including the history of Granite Station and the surrounding area as a central piece of Granite Station Saddlery’s on-line presence. If you have any historic stories / photos / images of Granite Station, the Southern San Joaquin Valley and surrounding mountains, please share them with me. I would like to include them, with, proper attribution.

Please stop by the shop, call 661-619-4545 or email Jack D. Smith, to share your Granite Station, Southern San Joaquin Valley and surrounding region history and stories.

Colorful Granite Station in 1974

Granite Station, 1974