Core values, main philosophical tenets, and, fundamental precepts underlying Granite Station Saddlery’s customer relationship, craftsmanship, product, materials, performance and other critical standards include:


A never ending, always evolving, life long pursuit of perfection, through excellence in execution without succumbing to the enticing paralysis so often times associated with entertaining the notion of having to be perfect.

The closer our work product approaches our current operating definition of perfection, (through constant improvement in skills, materials, tools, technology, and, the practical blended application of all), the more apt we are to re-define our perception of perfection to yet another level of exacting requirements.

It has been said, “Perfectionism is the purist form of procrastination” – a trap, into which we attempt to avoid falling, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Regardless of our success, in this regard we try as best we can to manage the inherent tension between wanting to be perfect and also wanting to deliver high performance quality on a timely basis to our customers through intense and purposeful focus on excellence in execution to the best of our ability at any given time.

So, in any given moment, during any given job, our responsibility and commitment to you and ourselves is to deliver our absolute best craftsmanship, with the understanding that our best today is better than yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s will be better than today’s. And, so, it will always be…